Service, Not Profits

We’re proud to focus on service over profits. Azule staff members find their work rewarding and work harder because they see an actual difference being made in people’s lives. This creates is an endless cycle of profits fueling philanthropy, which inspires the team to generate additional profits that can be used for more philanthropy…and so on.

Each Azule staff member donates time to help veterans. Recruiters offer counseling—even if Azule is not placing that veteran in employment. HR and risk management staff help with workplace accommodation and referrals to healthcare professionals as necessary. Controllers maintain a schedule of regular financial contributions to various veteran organizations. We’re always looking for more opportunities to help.


Our People-Focused Approach

Azule’s focus is on the individual and his or her unique skill set. Azule team members evaluate job seekers for who they are and, most importantly, what they would like to do. This discovery process means candidates will be much more satisfied in their jobs compared to just matching skill sets. It also means less turnover for our clients.

For example, what if an infantry solider doesn’t want to work in security? Maybe he wants to open a flower shop because he saw so many beautiful things when he was deployed to Ecuador. Software could never make that link, but Azule can. As a community-focused organization, Azule can also connect the infantry soldier to the right person for an SBA loan—even if we don’t profit from making the introduction. Azule will do it because it is the right thing to do for the veteran and for the community.